Lucy Horobin

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Versatile, friendly and smart, Lucy is JK's 'partner in crime' on Heart. Graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Lucy's radio career has taken her from presenting on Trent FM and Manchester's Key 103 to joining up with JK and co-presenting London's most entertaining Drive home as well as the networked Heart Saturday Breakfast show.

Together they form a natural partnership - the listener always feeling a valued part of the ensemble. They engage their audience as contemporaries - thirty something Londoners whose lives run in tandem with their audience - always juggling and moving except perhaps when Lucy reports the usual holds ups leaving London on the Westway, or heading clockwise towards the QE2 Bridge on the M25.  

Lucy's delivery and style makes even the Capital's traffic jams (marginally) more pleasant!

Like the city in which Heart London serves, Heart's Drive Time show is fast paced, modern and warm and alongside JK Lucy embodies all those qualities presentationally and in person.  

Meanwhile the pace changes for their Networked Saturday Breakfast Show where JK and Lucy kick start their listeners weekend and together deliver commercial radio's No1 Weekend UK Breakfast Show.  

Lucy is passionate about dance music and has a popular blog about the challenges and growth that comes from breaking up and starting over - at which point it is time for a Break-up Rebrand!