Whether you are a Presenter, broadcaster, creator or independent producer, MM has the know how to assist you with your career goals and contract advice.  UK television market has never been so diffuse and with an unparalleled proliferation of channels and varying means of audio-visual distribution.  These  range from the 5 terrestrial networks and their related secondary channels, to Sky and the various other dedicated  satellite channels, through to the exponential growth of web based outlets, netflix and YouTube.  

Parallel to this we have the growth in visualisation with audio-visual becoming increasingly integral to radio production with the BBC using national network websites, BBC iplayer, their red button service and Youtube all as means of distribution.

Meanwhile for live events, simulcast in cinemas is growing ever more popular with various commercial and rights issues coming into play.

The opportunities are at least as great as the challenges in today's media landscape. 

MM can guide you through this.